Curry leaves control cholesterol

When cooking, curry is indispensable. Due to the flavonoids and fiber they contain, they have been found to control LDL cholesterol in the blood. Because of its fiber content, it slows the absorption of cholesterol. Hence, this is a tongue herb for heart patients. Curry leaves contain vitamins A and C. By eating it raw, those qualities can be achieved.

During drying of curry leaves, some vitamin components are destroyed. Here, curry is a good antioxidant as it contains significant amounts of iron. Therefore, the toxins entering the body and the blood glucose levels of diabetic patients are also controlled.

Curry leaves are ground to control snake venom due to its medicinal properties. Curry is a type of spice. What we should do is not to throw the curry leaves we add to the food, but to bite them well. Then, its quality, nutrition and medicinal value can be properly received by the body.

For a healthy life, drinking curry powder is very beneficial. Frying curry leaves in oil and adding them to food is very delicious. Curry powder is made into a sauce and sold in the market. This is a very cost-effective medicine that suppresses cholesterol. Due to the antioxidant properties contained in curry leaves, it has anti-aging and anti-cancer properties.

Advise- of Community Health Bureau
Food and Nutrition Doctor
Sally Fernando

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