1 pkg Firm Tofu
1 Tomato
1 green bell pepper or banana pepper
1 large onion
chopped garlic and ginger
Crushed red chillie
Salt to taste
Soy sauce
Tomato sauce or ketchup
Cooking oil

Sri Lankan Devilled Tofu recipe


Drain the Tofu and cut into regular size cubes.Season with salt and turmeric powder and set aside for few minutes. Heat a frying pan and deep fry the Tofu until slightly brown. Cut the tomato, Onion, pepper into regular size square pieces. Now heat a pan and add a little cooking oil and add the onions.When it turns light brown add chopped ginger and garlic.Then add the pepper pieces and stir well.Now add red chillie powder and crushed chillie. Then add soy sauce stir well. Lastly add ketchup and tomatoes and remove from heat.

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