1 pkg Firm Tofu
2 medium size red onions finely chopped
2 large cloves garlic chopped
small piece ginger chopped
2 green chillies chopped
2 cardomoms
2″ stick cinnamon
1 tspn curry powder
1 1/2 tspn red chillie powder
2 tbspn cooking oil
Salt to taste

Sri Lankan Tofu Recipe


Drain the Tofu and cut into regular size cubes. Season with salt and broil in the oven until all the sides are light brown. Add chopped onions, garlic, ginger and green chillies into a
food processor and grind into a fine paste. Heat a pan, add 2 tbspn oil and add the grinded paste. Keep stirring until the mixture becomes brown. Then add tamarind paste, curry powder,
red chillie powder, cinnamon, cardomoms and salt to taste (Add a little bit of water if the curry is too thick). Now add the broiled Tofu and let it simmer for a while. Remove from the stove and enjoy
with Rice.

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