1/2 measure raw rice(pounded and sifted 8 full cups)
1/2 measure coconut honey
2 oz sago
2 cardamoms powdered
Cooking oil for deep frying


Roast the sago.Boil the honey, when it treacle test in cold water to get the hardening consistency.Add to it the roasted sago and mix in the flour.Place again on a very slow flame and mix well till a suitable consistency is obtained.Take off from the fire and mix in same a little longer.When cooked and formed into a ball remove onto a lightly oiled board.Boil a cup or two of water in the pan and use that water to knead the prepared dough into a soft consistency by using this cunjee.All the cunjee may not be necessary.
Now form into small flat cakes dipping fingers into oil and kneading small portions of dough occationally and fry in deep oil.Drain off oil in a colander.

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