Ingredients1/4 lb. kurakkan flour (ragi flour)
1/4 lb. rice flour
8-10 ozs. shredded coconut
a few cardamoms powdered
8 ozs. honey (add more if necessary)
Kande leaves/ banana leaves or foil paper


Sieve rice flour and kurakkan flour together. Then in a pan, heat the honey and add the shredded coconut, powdered cardomoms and mix well. Remove from heat and add flour mixture and make a dough.
Add a little water if desired. Now place a little dough in the center of the kande leaf and fold it in half and press the dough evenly. If you can’t find kande leaves use banana leaves or foil paper instead.

When everything is done place the leaves or wrapped foil in a steamer and steam it for 10-15 minutes or until well done. Remove from leaves and serve.

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