Ingredients3 cups cooked chickpeas(Gabanzo beans)
1 large onion sliced
1 sprig curry leaves
Salt to taste
2 tspn crushed red chillies
2 or 3 dried red chillies for tempering
2 tspn mustard seeds
Cooking oil

Sri Lankan Chickpeas stir fry (kadala thel dala) recipe


If using raw chickpea, soak in water overnight and wash and drain well. Then cook the chickpeas with sufficient water and alittle bit of salt and turmeric powder(Better if you can use a pressure cooker). When the chickpeas are tender remove from stove and drain the excess water. Now heat a pan and add 1 tbsn cooking oil and toss the sliced onions. When they are golden brown add the curry leaves, dried whole red chillies and mustard seeds and stir well. Then add the chickpes and cruched red chillies and stir well.
Add salt to taste and enjoy.

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