3 or 4 Eggs
Sliced onion
1 green pepper sliced
1 clove garlic
Curry leaves and Rampe
1 tbsn Cooking oil
Red chillie powder
Unroasted curry powder
Turmeric powder
Vinegar or Tamarind
Sliced tomato
Salt to taste

Sri Lankan Egg Curry


Heat a pan and add 1 tbsn cooking oil. Now add sliced onions and stir till it turns golden brown. Then add chopped garlic,Sliced green chillie, Curry leaves and rampe and stir well.Add a little turmeric powder and red chillie powder. You will get a nice aroma. Now add a little water and let it simmer. Then add Salt, sliced tomato, Vinegar or tamarind and coconut milk and make a nice curry. Now break the eggs one by one and drop it to the curry mix and cook well. While the eggs are cooking add a little salt and red chillie powder on top of it.

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