3 lbs. sugar
1 lb flour
3 bottles water
1 bottle coconut oil
2 tspn vanilla
6 cardamoms(powdered)
1/4 lb cashew nuts(cut fine)


Make a ballof dough with the flour using extra water and soak this ball of dough in the 3 bottles of water and occasionally wash it and turn so that the flour will get washed leaving the gluton in a ball.Throw the gluton away.Strain the starch and all the water into a pan with sugar and half of the coconut oil and cook on a low flame.Keep stirring continously.When it boils for about 45 minutes add more coconut oil.Finally after 1 1/2 hours, it should form a ball.At this stage take the pan off the fire.Add the vanilla, spices and cashews and pour into a deep square pan and leave to set.

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