2 cups urad(Uludhu) flour(if using Urad dhal, soak 2 cups dhal overnight and grind well)
1 cup rice flour
2 tbsn Yeast
1 onion thinly sliced
Salt to taste
curry leaves

Sri Lankan Those/thosai/Dosa recipe


To make the yeast mixer, get some warm water add 2 tbsn yeast and a little sugar and stir well.Keep it aside for a while. Now in a large bowl mix the two flours together and add the yeast mixture and mix well.Add a little water if needed and let the mixture rise for few hours. When it’s time to make them heat a pan with a little oil and brown the sliced onions. Then add the curry curry leaves and temper well. Add the tempered mixture to the those mix and add salt and stir well. Heat a flat non stick pan and spread a little oil using a paper towel and add a large spoonful of mixture at a time and cook them until well done.If it’s sticking to the pan and hard to remove add a beaten egg to the mixture and make Those.

Serve with Those sambol and sambar.

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