4 boneless, skinless chicken breast halves
1 red or green bell pepper
2 large Onions sliced into rings
Soy sauce
1tspn olive oil or cooking oil
red chillie powder
black pepper powder
Salt to taste
1tbsn ketchup

Sri Lankan grilled chicken recipe


Cut the Chicken breasts into 1inch thick square pieces and wash well.Drain the excess water and add chillie powder,black pepper powder,vinegar,salt to taste,soy sauce,ketchup and 1tspn oil.Mix well and marinate in the Refrigerate overnight or atleast 5hours before grilling.
Heat the grill(I use a George Foreman Grilling Machine) and when it’s hot add few chicken pieces at a time and press it well.Cook it for a about 8 minutes or until well done.
While grilling the chicken soak the Onion rings and sliced bell pepper in soy sauce and olive oil.When the chicken is done transfer it into a dish and add the onions and bell pepper in to the grill.When they are brown add it to the chicken dish and mix well.
(when you grill meat all the excess fat is drained and it’s a healthy way to cook meat)

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